To become an innovative and competitive information and reference center based on information technology in supporting “the three pillars of higher education” (Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi).


  1. Providing library collections that are relevant to the academic community
  2. Providing excellent service to the demands and needs of the academic community
  3. Develop a library system based on technology, information and communication
  • Availability of relevant, high-quality, easily accessible, up-to-date information resources in supporting the academic community curriculum
  • Availability of scientific works published by academicians (local content) in the UPT Perpustakaan repository system
  • The implementation of professional library services for all academicians to increase the superior capacity of UPT Perpustakaan
  • The availability of supporting facilities for adequate, accessible, comfortable access to Tri Dharma activities
  • Fulfillment of library’s human resources that meet academic qualifications, competencies, and certifications for the implementation of superior library services
  • Realization of operational management continuity and services of UPT Perpustakaan